Laptop with coffeecup've been fabulous for us and our Apprentices

Mike Roberts, Learning & Development Manager, Culina Logistics

Just wanted to say on behalf of all apprentices current and past, you have been an absolutely amazing tutor throughout our NVQ's and we will all dearly miss you!

Jayce Clack, HR Administration Team Leader, Culina Logistics

The tutor explained everything very thoroughly with well defined presentations and handouts, all in all a very professional course and would gladly enrol in a similar course to benefit both myself and the company.

John Richardson, Senior Project Manager, The Cordell Group

...bespoke Excel training to our board directors, managers and administrators, all of whom took on valuable new skills and are using Excel with confidence for the first time. Stuart's delivery is patient and perfectly paced; no one was left behind and all of us were challenged.

Charlotte Brook, HR Executive, Morris & Co Ltd

Once Stuart explained how Excel worked it all came clear and we have never looked back, saving lots of time and effort.
I can thoroughly recommend Stuart to help you learn more about Microsoft programs.

Diane Wilson, Director, Brite Start Cleaning Ltd
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IT Application Specialist Apprenticeships

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Who should do this qualification?

Whilst the main role of the Apprentice on this framework is the application of IT, this may occur in the context of a range of situations and industry sectors such as: In addition to traditional data entry clerk and VDU operator job titles some more current IT-related job titles are beginning to emerge such as: An Intermediate Apprentice should be considered where the range of software applications is limited, or the activities to be carried out are mainly routine in nature. The flexible design of the ITQ allows for a particular application specialism e.g. in word processing or spreadsheets at Advanced level within an overall Intermediate framework. The addition of underpinning knowledge, personal learning and thinking skills and functional skills ensures the Apprentice can not only apply IT but is also literate, numerate and able to solve problems and work in teams as required.

The Advanced Apprentice will be prepared for job roles requiring in-depth knowledge and competence in the application of a range of systems and/or software applications, and to deal with non-routine and unfamiliar problems. They will demonstrate wide-ranging transferable skills and the ability to develop and test solutions to improve workplace productivity through the application of IT.

Benefits to the Business

Making the most of technology is arguably the single most important step that can be taken to improve productivity. A workforce who will be better equipped for the IT demands of the next 5 years:

Benefits to the Learner

This framework provides the apprentice with the competence, skills and knowledge to work effectively and efficiently with IT systems, communication and productivity tools and software applications. This includes the creation and amendment of many types of formatted information including documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and presentations. It also includes maintaining simple websites, using the internet to find and exchange information and using social media to disseminate information.
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